March 20, 2023

DATAFORT VN Care cloud disaster recovery for virtual servers and networks


Technically adept companies use virtual server networks coupled with attached storage to enhance productivity; adding speed, resilience and flexibility to their infrastructure. However, the virtual network is threatened by exactly the same risks that disasters such as fire, flood or power loss present to conventional physical server networks.

DATAFORT VN Care adds the essential protection of disaster recovery to the resilience of a Virtual Network. Offsite data replication and cloud recovery through our secure grade III data centres enables business continuity for Virtual Networks using centrally managed data storage*.  If you want to ensure that your business is fully protected from unforeseen disaster, the VN Care service might be the right solution for your company.

PCPro Recommended 

"Cloud disaster-recovery services for virtualised environments simply don’t get any better"

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*VNCare Lite is also available for those organisations using Virtual Networks with local storage. 

  • Located in DATAFORT’s financial grade data centres, the backup virtual network continually updates, standing at the ready to take over if your production infrastructure becomes inaccessible or fails.
  • Specialised technology allows invocation of high volume networks with ease.
  • During a disaster, VNCare’s high availability disaster recovery will keep your employees productive while your engineers focus on establishing stability for other critical business systems.
  • The VNCare Managed Service protects your business at a fraction of the cost of older technologies.
  • The DATAFORT team will work with you to tailor VNCare so it supports your particular business need.
  • Mitigates the threat of unforeseen disaster.
  • Highly cost efficient solution will not tax staff or budget.
  • Assures continued productivity during disaster.
  • Your team can focus on revenue and growth rather than the process of data protection.
  • Increase capability without increasing staff or incurring training costs.
  • Win new business by demonstrating your systems are as secure as your larger prospects.
  • Assure compliance with FCA and other regulatory bodies.
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