March 20, 2023


 “Critical Care extends the reach of our staff without us assuming additional staff costs. It deals with our equipment failure issues, tackles office based disasters, handles file loss or corruption and most importantly meet’s the FCA’s data security guidelines.” Read more...

Tue Sando, Counsel, DUET Asset Management

 “Security of our data is of the upmost importance, closely followed by ensuring business continuity, neither of which we can afford to compromise. DataFort’s Core Care is a fixed price service that offers us the confidence of both on-site and off-site data replication and that reassures us in the safety of our information storage. DataFort also tailored its service to our audit requirements to include daily email logs which are audited by our compliance officer.” Read more...

Lynn Peters, Office Manager, F&C REIT

 “With their experience in financial services and appreciation of the thorough reliance on constant data access, DataFort understood our business requirements immediately, which was extremely important to us given our industry and its levels of regulation. The highly proven solution from DataFort has given us peace of mind that our data is technically robust and forms a reliable foundation from which to serve our clients as accurately and efficiently as possible, no matter what” Read more...

Phil Schajer, Chief Operating Officer, Excellion Capital

 “Given the importance and sensitivity of the information we deal with, it is unsurprising that our professional indemnity insurers are much happier with the Critical Care solution than with tape backup. Having a full image of our server stored both in our office and on an off-site financial-grade data centre gives us the confidence and security we needed to reassure both ourselves and our insurers of the stability and speed of our backup and recovery processes” Read more...

Jon Fitton, CEO, Fitton Associates

 “DataFort’s Core Care is a fixed price service that offers us the confidence of both on-site and off-site data replication, and that reassures ourselves, customers and auditors alike of the security and safety of our information storage. After a highly successful proof of concept process, we are now able to take advantage of the very latest technology, normally accessible only to those with enterprise-scale budgets, and also receive a far more flexible and personalised customer service – a crucial addition that gives DataFort a competitive edgeRead more...

Leonard Ormonde, Director, M&N Insurance Service Ltd

 “In order to minimise disruption and cost to our business, we needed to be able to return to operation within an hour and have access to data that was created throughout the day. DataFort’s portfolio of services exceeded even those strict requirements as it will now take us a maximum of 15 minutes to return to operation and we will have a copy of all our data that in a worst case is a quarter of an hour old

Jim Parker, Information Technology Manager, Hallite

 “DataFort has put us streets ahead of our competitors in terms of being able to provide uninterrupted service to our customers. And while the legal benefits Critical Care provides are an additional bonus, my key concern is always providing our clients with the best possible service; Critical Care gave us a significant boost without a doubt

Martin McDermott, Operations Director, PC Harrington

 “It was not profitable to devote time and resources to internally manage backups because we need to focus on the live systems. The DataFort Critical Care approach to recovery from system failure not only turned a day-long process into a 15-minute exercise, it also limited data loss to 15 minutes prior to failure. The best tape could offer was to restore from the backup made the previous night, losing at least a day’s work. Switching to Critical Care was a no brainer for us

Alan Suppaya, IT Manager, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

 “We needed a partner in the true sense of the word; someone who would work with us and who would take responsibility for their service. The most important factor for me is ensuring that our client receives the same good service that they would expect from us, especially in something as critical as data protection. DataFort have always made us and our clients comfortable”

Alan Goldberg, CEO, Chip Systems