March 20, 2023

Technical Solutions

Our engineers are spending too much time dealing with backups!

If your IT team has become mired in the day to day tasks of managing the backup process, consider the ease that a hands-free managed service provides. We replace managing tapes or disks with backup reporting that will confirm backups take place as expected. Our support team will work directly with you or other authorized employees to provide incidental recoveries or full server invocations as needed.

We’re not sure our current recovery strategy is reliable?

DATAFORT has been a trusted partner to UK businesses since 2000. We work with a broad range of businesses to make sure they are protected and safe. Visit our case study page to learn about how we work with our clients to support the success and growth of their businesses.

Our business uses a mix of backup methods; tape, backup to a local server and we use an email archive service. We have some concerns that there are holes in our strategy and not everyone follows through on their backup tasks.

DATAFORT’s solutions unify backup policies for the entire department or business. Our technology images the entire server and then continually updates that image to provide protection from a full range of risks; file loss or corruption through disaster recovery.

Our overnight backups never finish; the available backup window is exceeded

As data volume grows, the limits of conventional backup technology are quickly exceeded. A 2012 IDC survey indicated that up to 54% of IT Managers are now seeing frequent backups that never complete because they have exceeded the limits of the overnight window.

By marrying intraday block level backups to a full seed image taken at the start of service, information updates are efficiently transmitted throughout the day. This minimizes backup windows for even high transaction environments to a few seconds during each backup event.

We’ve found it will take over a day to rebuild a failed server. This does not meet our business objectives.

DATAFORT can provide immediate failover and high availability solutions as well as complete server protection for less critical machines. For example DATAFORT Critical Care will recover from server failure within a few minutes of reporting the issue to the support desk team.

After the recovery time objective is defined we propose a solution with tight SLAs that will protect the business to the appropriate level. 

We have never been able to successfully complete a disaster recovery test. We suspect our current strategy is too slow to meet the requirements of the business.

In addition to data and full server recovery, DATAFORT Critical Care and VNCare services restore access to your entire network from the Cloud during a disruptive event. We structure a solution that will allow your employees to work from home or alternate premises keeping your business productive, no matter what takes place on your business premises.

We’re thinking of replacing tape backup, but the new system is not compatible with the old tapes

DATAFORT services include end-of-month snapshot archives that can be used as a resource if long term data retention is an issue for your business.

We’ve built a virtual network, but a power cut has shown us that disaster recovery is still an issue!

Companies that create a resilient infrastructure using virtual technology still face the risks associated with office disaster and replication errors. DATAFORT VNCare is specifically designed to provide high availability disaster recovery to SANs hosting terabytes of data joined to large virtual networks.

We don’t have a second office for employees to work from if there is a disaster.

When disaster strikes, we’ll run your servers from the cloud and can give your employees access to your network from any broadband ready location. We establish work profiles for the critical members of your staff. Secure access is created from the employee’s home to the data centre, so the impact on business productivity is absolutely minimized.