January 31, 2023

Service Overview


What drives business protection decisions?

    • Production environment:
      What architecture does the production network run on? And what are the specific risks associated with this kind of network? 
    • Define required protection parameters:
      What is the recovery profile required to keep the business from being impacted when the worst takes place? 
    • Special risks and considerations:
      Legal issues, compliance and limitations of the physical premises are all considerations that fall under this heading. 
    • Budgetary constraints:
      Given the economic realities of the business, what solutions can we afford to put in place to as closely as possible meet these demands? 

DATAFORT specializes is creatively adapting the best of current technologies to serve the needs of partners and their customers. We propose a solution and then after acceptance, implement it, followed by demonstrating successful service delivery. We encourage our customers to feel like we are their partners; an expert resource that is motivated with the goal of keeping the business on the right track, running like clockwork. Monitoring protective systems gives us insight into the health of a production network sometimes before issues come to the attention of staff. So working with DATAFORT can be like employing an additional engineer without an additional engineers’ expense.