January 30, 2023

DATAFORT works with IT Partners to support their customers


At DATAFORT we talk about your client’s need for recovery because comprehensive, intraday backup is a given. Most IT consultants have one or two flagship customers that have a more rigorous need for IT system continuity than their usual clients. You know your customer needs something more secure than offsite backup or tape but you don’t want to use an ‘out of the box’ service or partner with a big company that will consign your client to the bottom of their service list.

For the last 12 years, DATAFORT has worked with people like you to protect both your customers and your bottom line. Our experts will become a resource working with you to make sure your customers are properly cared for and that you are able demonstrate recovery of any lost data, server recovery in minutes or disaster recovery whenever it is needed.

There is specialist knowledge associated with data and server recovery that only comes with experience. Whether the environment is based on physical servers, virtual ones or a combination of both we will overcome the challenges of protecting diverse environments. You and your customers will have 100% confidence of recoverability no matter what issue threatens to arrest work in your client’s offices.

If you want to extend your influence with clients while enhancing their data protection call our Partner Support Team to find out if DATAFORT is a good fit for your business.

Example partner case study


To learn more about the our services or to discuss the needs of your clients call us at 0800 45 44 35 or email [email protected]

See also Disaster Diaries: true stories on how to avoid data recovery disasters.

Our Partnership Approach  

DATAFORT will work with you to create a backup and recovery process that addresses the practical risks of each of your clients.

We offer:

  • Different service levels balance need with cost – Critical servers can be recovered in under two hours, financial companies will have FCA compliant archives integrated into their protection plan. For less critical machines, a lower cost option is available that includes complete, intra-day backup but does not offer virtual server recovery.

  • Recovery process management – It is necessary to understand a client’s existing recovery process so that you can integrate DR service delivery seamlessly during periods of great stress and need. DATAFORT will work with you to gather the necessary information and then work out the appropriate DR strategy that will provide a positive outcome when the worst happens and DR service is needed.

  • Profitability – is about more than selling hardware or collecting monthly fees. Our 100% guaranteed recovery rate allows customers to thrive even if there is a disaster. Access to our support line as well as your own means that your clients have somewhere to turn if you are on-call serving others. This results in a high level of customer satisfaction which correlates into excellent customer retention. You leverage off DATAFORT’s expert knowledge while keeping a strong bond with your customers.

See an example partner case study, Chip Systems


  • Eliminate threats from competitors
  • Gain commisions wthout overheads
  • Introduce clients to a proven solution with case studies and references available
  • You get access to expert engineers when it is needed without adding to your payroll
  • Best of breed, proven technology makes sure your clients always get the proper level of care

Diaster Diaries

People often don't believe that disasters will ever happen to them. So we have documented some actual examples that are true stories taken from our support logs.

The diaries show how we worked with a partner company to guide their customer through a data disaster. We contrast the likely outcome when using either a more conventional or inadequate data protection measure with the actual outcomes secured by our partner and their customer; saving them time, money and tufts of torn out hair.

Diary #1 - Water From Above

Diary #2 - River Runs Through IT

Diary #3 - The Dead Disk Dilema

Diary #4 - When Employees Attack

Diary #5 - A Problem Shared

Dairy #6  - Virtual Network Misfortune


Bring us your most challenging customer & mention the 'Disaster Diaries'

And you will receive an ongoing commission of 20% for the life of each cilent you bring to use DATAFORT's services.