March 20, 2023


Secure Homeworking Tailored for your Business

Working from home requires access to key resources only available on the office network. To do this, a secure connection needs to be established between the office network and the home network of key employees. DATAFORT’s home working solution creates a secure login for each employee which is connected through multiple security layers designed to detect and prevent malicious access attempts.

This is a managed service that is integrated into your business network in a way that will enhance productivity when employees are called upon to work from home. As a managed service support is provided to assist you and your employees every step of the way. 

DATAFORT Never Compromises Security or Compliance

Easy options exist where agents are be installed on home computers. However, using this option opens up your business network not only to your employees, but any employee of company that supplied the agent and any hacker targeting the software company as an easy access point to thousands of potential targets.

DATAFORT combined hardware/software solution maintains a high level of security just at the point opportunistic criminals will be targeting companies that are lax in their security. Our solution maintains the integrity of your office network, which not only protects your business from opportunistic criminals, it keeps your business GDPR compliant as well.

Extra Security Precautions When Remote Working

Upon installing the solution our engineers will make sure that adding home computers to the office network is not simultaneously adding risk. We’ll make sure that employees are running high quality, self-updating anti-virus software so that the business remains protected.

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