January 30, 2023


DATAFORT was founded in 2000 by technical architect Gavin Smith, and business development specialist Marcie Terman. Since 1986 Gavin had been employed in the financial service industry, first as the risk manager for a Dutch trading bank, later as a market maker at LIFFE and as a consultant for a variety of corporations like Nomura Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, BP and the International Petroleum Exchange. Marcie Terman started her career working in US news media, initially as an editor for the McNeil/Lehrer Newshour, later moving into financial services as the communications director for a London based Hedge fund management company; Allegiance Global Investments.

Allegiance’s proprietary trading models processed both up to the minute market data alongside historical data to produce trading decisions. Account positions, the models and the data needed to run them were backed up using the industry standard of the time DLT tapes. The process, admittedly rife with human error was also ineffectual due to the routine failure of the tape backups. These backup failures created unacceptable risks to customer assets and a more reliable mechanism was needed to protect the fabric of the business.

New technology that made use of the Internet and the increased availability of low cost data centre space was still in its early phases of development. Backup verification, an appropriate level of encryption and server-side management of stored data were all issues that impacted the viability of the offsite backup services available in the market at that time. And DATAFORT was first founded to look at the issues surrounding this new technology and to see if it could be turned from an unreliable but interesting idea into a service of genuine use to companies with a serious need for data backup and security.

DATAFORT developed the SELECT service range, the first generation backup and recovery tool that not only verified each file backup prior to reporting but could recover a backup event mid-process if Internet connectivity was lost, a critical issues during the unstable infancy of broadband. The service also incorporated server-side data management and multi-tiered monitoring so that DATAFORT could deliver the service directly into the market and also through the channel.

Eleven years and 3 development cycles later, DATAFORT launched the Hi-5 full server recovery service (recently rebranded as DATAFORT Critical Care.) This service provides high availability protection for critical business servers. Critical Care makes it possible even for companies that cannot afford a mirrored environment to be confident of almost seamless productivity.Always-on computing, fully compliant archives and stress free disaster recovery has made DATAFORT’s Critical Care service the choice of companies where downtime equates to lost revenues or high penalties.