January 31, 2023

Email protection

Email is the communication backbone of most businesses. Therefore continuity of email service and secure archival is key to any data protection strategy. If email is important to your business, DATAFORT provides a variety of services enhancements that can be added to our standard server protection.

Service options

  • Enhanced Recovery for Exchange Server™ references your Core Care or Critical Care backup images to find lost emails or deleted mailboxes no longer available in the Exchange ServerServer™ buffer;
  • Cloud Email Archives - Read only FCA compliant cloud based archives store email as they send or are received by Exchange Server™ for the highest level of email security.

Enhanced Recovery for Exchange Server™

  • Search for and recover any email that has been secured to the backup image. Searchable by sender, subject line and date range.
  • Recover deleted mailboxes with ease.

FCA compliant cloud based read-only archives

  • Email recovery at user and administrator level
  • Multiple search criteria of sender, recipient, mailbox and subject line.
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