March 20, 2023

Data & email archives

DATAFORT can assist your organisation in meeting compliance demands such as those presented by the FSA, Data Protection Act or other regulatory environment.

Legally Compliant Data Archives

If your business needs a permanent record of files outside your primary datastore, DATAFORT can help. Our managed data protection services can act as archives because the backup images are permanent and inclusive of operating environment, software and the complete data stream. Point-in-time recall returns a system to an exact mirror of its state on the required date and time, making it the perfect reference for HR enquiries, legal or compliance requirements.

Copies Maintained at Financial Grade Safe Harbour Compliant Data Centres

All protected systems are mirrored at financial grade data centres located within the UK for Safe Harbour compliance. If your regulatory regime demands copies maintained at a distance of seven, 14 or 50 miles from your primary business location, DATAFORT can help.

Email Archives

Email archiving presents challenges both in terms of security and cost. Our email archiving solutions carry a manageable fixed price for the full service term and include a searchable front end that can be customized to allow global or individual access. Typically we package email archiving along with the Hi-5, Hi-5, High Availability Service making it both cost effective and easy to implement.

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