January 31, 2023

Critical Care: data backup, recovery, DR ensuring high availability


No matter what issue impacts your company, DATAFORT Critical Care enables your business to keep running no matter what. Critical Care provides near “non-stop” business continuity without the high costs normally associated with server mirroring or replication and is ideal for Financial Services organisations that need to demonstrate high levels IT dependability.

Critical Care combines the latest on-site data backup and recovery technology with offsite cloud server access for disaster recovery and long-term data archives for legal or compliance issues. If Financial Conduct Authority best practice guidelines are at issue with your current strategy, DATAFORT’s Critical Care will provide the data retention and system continuity you need without taxing your IT staff or budget.

  • DATAFORT Critical Care is a comprehensive solution covering business continuity, DR and end of month archives on a seven or fourteen year rotation which can be used to meet FCA compliance guidelines.
  • The suite of recovery tools is packaged as a managed service to remove the day to day responsibilities of backup from in-house staff. If a disruptive event occurs DATAFORT’s engineering team is responsible for system recovery extending the reach of the company’s IT staff when it is needed most.
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) minimizes potential for data loss which is a problem with any system that relies on overnight backup.
  • Full imaging removes issues associated with accidental exclusion of data from backup selections.
  • Onsite backup, offsite backup, data archives, monitoring, management and support included in one fixed price solution.

No cost penalty as backup size increases.

  • File/folder recovery from last image or any image back to point of service installation.
  • Recovery of database from last image or any image back to point of service installation.
  • Recovery of individual emails/mailboxes [optional.]
  • Invocation of virtual server image running from local backup appliance.
  • Recovery of virtual image onto repaired or replaced server post-disaster.
  • Invocation of complete or partial network from virtual servers running in data centre.
  • Recovery of end of month data snapshot archives.
  • Maximise productivity and cost efficiency by minimising downtime from hardware failure or disaster without the significant costs associated with purpose built high availability or replication systems.
  • FCA Compliance is assured.
  • IT staff can focus on revenue growth rather than backup process management.
  • Win new business by demonstrating near “non-stop” approach to Business Continuity.
  • No need to acquire dedicated hardware or software through CAPEX.
  • Managed service costs can be offset against profit.
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