March 20, 2023


DATAFORT was created to level the playing field between smaller companies and their larger cousins. While large companies have budget and manpower to deal with productivity and security, we achieve the same thing through the use of automation and innovative uses of technology. Our approach makes it possible to add value to our customer’s businesses by

  • Focusing data security on the effectiveness of the recovery process, not backup
  • Centralising backups so all systems are protected to a high level
  • Controlling backup process so internal staff can focus on using IT to increase revenue
  • Extending the reach of staff during times of data loss or disaster
  • Fixing the cost of service delivery so customers can plan security
  • Creating an environment that allows customers to achieve FCA compliance.

Whether assisting our channel partners to protect their customers or working directly with our clients to protect their companies, DATAFORT has always been devoted to making sure all our clients operate within an environment that supports their productivity and profitability.

---Marcie D Terman---

Chief Executive officer