January 31, 2023

Commercial Solutions

 “When meeting with our prospective clients DATAFORT have been able to articulate the effectiveness of our business continuity measures to help us secure more corporate clients.”

Tue Sando, Counsel, DUET Asset Management


How does DATAFORT help win business with larger clients?

Larger companies will consider relationships with smaller ones to benefits from the flexibility, decreased cost or superior performance shown by smaller, leaner businesses. But while big companies may want the benefits of that relationship, it will never be at the expense of adding risk to their business or clients.

DATAFORT gives smaller companies the ability to demonstrate a comprehensive and infallible approach to business continuity, data security and disaster recovery.

How does DATAFORT help achieve FCA Compliance?

Who your clients are and what services your business provides determine which FCA Data Security guidelines relate to your business. What technology to use, how to keep in step with changing standards and the day to day management of the solution all take time and effort.

DATAFORT understands the FCA guidelines and how they relate to your particular type of business.

DATAFORT’s services not only meet but exceed FCA data security standards.

DATAFORT monitors the guideline bulletins and will work with you to make sure your business security is maintained up to an extremely high standard.

We provide backup reporting directly to your compliance team.

DATAFORT works with you to meet FCA demands if an audit is called.