February 17, 2020

Cloud Computing

DATAFORT's fully-managed, cloud computing solutions allow you to deploy your server network away from your business premises within a controlled data centre environment.

DATAFORT’s Cloud Computing Services enable your organization to reduce costs by hosting software applications on virtual machines running on scalable, enterprise-class servers dedicated to your business. DATAFORT’s cloud computing services are secure and delivered to the terms set through strict service level agreements.

DATAFORT’s cloud computing solutions are deployed on HP servers using VMware and NAS technology

Where physical server resources are often underutilized, DATAFORT’s services consolidate server hardware making efficient use of your hosting infrastructure. Built on high performance architecture, we deliver a flexible and scalable solution. Our clients can access virtual servers running from our data centre as they would any physical server running in their offices.

Cloud Computing Advantages

High Availability backup to alternate location

Should hardware fail, your servers will automatically failover to backup servers running in an alternative data centre. Typically this procedure can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Fully Managed

Run entirely from the data centre or easily integrated as part of a hybrid environment with other servers running from your local network.

Highly Scalable

Add new functionality, desktops or capacity as needed. DATAFORT will manage the infrastructure.

No Capital Expense

A managed service incremental payment schedule replaces the inefficiencies of recurring capital expense and equipment depreciation.

All this means you run the latest software on efficient hardware in the most competitive way possible.

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