March 20, 2023

BUSINESS CONTINUITY - Protecting your company

Well designed business continuity will protect your business.
We work in a world where competitors are looking for any possible chance to acquire your customers. Being able to keep systems working normally even if there are problems means your business will be safe to grow and thrive.

Practical business continuity will take into account your Maximum Tolerable Outage (MTO) and budgetary objectives, then provide a business continuity service that guarantees you will meet those objectives while allowing your staff to concentrate on normalising business operations.

How to define Recovery Time Objectives

Maximum Tolerable Outage (MTO) is the amount of time your business can survive should a system become unavailable or in the case of disaster recovery, how long the business can survive without that system running. If access to the Internet, emails or databases is critical to maintaining normal business operations, it is necessary to look critically at the MTO’s for those systems. Once you know the MTO and have allocated budget you can define realistic Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

How do we help?

DATAFORT specialises in minimizing RTO and the overhead on your staff should problems arise with data, servers or access to your business premises (DR). All our business continuity services are designed to secure entire systems from a full range of risks. Then instead of using valuable staff time to manage the meticulous backup process we work with our clients to make sure we can guarantee recovery in a way that supports normal operations.

Whether you need unlimited access to emails or databases, if you have concerns about power outages or flood damage, we will have a recovery service that is right for your company. Our services will address your most serious concerns but they also protect your business from a full range of risks. Data loss or corruption, hardware theft or failure and even data compliance issues are included as a normal function of each DATAFORT managed service.

The right technology for the job

DATAFORT managed services always include unlimited backup, recovery and service within the monthly service fee. But we are also experts at making sure we use the most efficient technology to provide streamline solutions for our clients. Virtual technology, cloud, automated offsite and onsite backup are just some of the tools we use to make sure you get the best service possible at an affordable price.

Tell us what you need

DATAFORT is a service development company as well as a managed service provider. That means that special needs like securing multiple sites or regulatory compliance are never a problem. We’ll put together a proposal to show you how we can completely protect your server infrastructure at a price that will suit your budget. Fill in the online form to arrange a no-obligation meeting with a security consultant who will help you develop a plan to protect your business. To find out more, contact DataFort at:

Phone: 01483 872052