March 20, 2023

Datafort announces the Launch of Bytebaq

Release date: 21 October 2009

DataFort has announced the eagerly awaited launch of Bytebaq, its new fixed-price, offsite data backup service for desktop and laptop computers. Backup happens automatically, so users never have to worry about whether or not the task is done.  Simply set up an account and forget it; the system takes care of the rest, backing up all restorable content on your computer to high security UK data centres at regular 24 hour intervals. Data is encrypted before transmission, so it’s totally secure. And the best bit is that unlimited backup costs less than 10p a day, and there’s a 30 day risk free trial so you can be sure the service will work for you!  

If preferred, users can override the total backup feature and customise their backups to save only selected data, or structure the service according to bandwidth profiling, a function which is exclusive to Bytebaq. Importantly, while other backup services will hog the internet during backup times, Bytebaq will not interfere with your internet use, so you can continue to download movies or get on Facebook while your backup is running in the background. 

Critical data is stored away from your premises, so you get the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of equipment theft you don’t need to worry that the backup has been stolen along with your computer. Data recovery is simple and can be achieved with a few mouse clicks.

“Unlike much low-cost backup, Bytebaq is a professional quality service,” said DataFort Director Marcie Terman. “It’s built on the same engine that we’ve used to backup the critical data of thousands of companies in the US and UK for the past ten years. The technology is tried and tested and rock steady. 

“While other offsite backup companies charge by data volume, with prices that mount over time as your backup requirement increases, with Bytebaq you get high security, fully automated business-class backup and data recovery for a fixed price per year, regardless of how much data you need to backup. Unlimited, automated bank-grade data backup costs just £35 a year, that’s £2.91 a month - that's less than the price of an order of fish and chips!”

Pay nothing for 30 days. For a 30-day, no obligation FREE trial download the software from: Enter the authorisation code SXGI4-XUJR4-9OM3Y-UGWYY to generate a 30 day trial account.


DataFort provides dependable and secure data protection services that offer enterprise-level functionality with a focus on security and reliability. Its software and services are used by thousands of organisations worldwide, ranging from SMBs through to large enterprises and local government departments. Every hour of every day someone, somewhere backs up with DataFort. The company was founded in 2000, is headquartered in Guildford, UK and has offices in London and New York. For further information please visit or dial 0800 45 44 35.

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