March 20, 2023

DATAFORT announces DataFort Deluxe Managed Onsite / Offsite Backup Service

DataFort couples the benefits of tape backup with the security of offsite backup priced at the reach of any company

Release date: 19 March 2007

DataFort, the UK developer of managed security services, announces the release of a new service range focused on the security needs of small to medium sized companies. The range includes DataFort Deluxe, a service for the backup of general data and DataFort Managed Exchange Server™ Backup which is designed to effectively backup Exchange Servers up to 100Gb in size. The services can be purchased separately or in tandem, both managed remotely from the company’s NOC located in Guildford, Surrey.

Both services rely on a backup appliance that is maintained at the customer’s offices. This appliance handles the entire backup process, and Deluxe’s General backup service is platform neutral; capable of backing up any operating system that uses standard file sharing protocols.

While other Managed Service Companies offer relatively expensive onsite/offsite backup services, DataFort is the first company that has identified a way of providing this security for companies that need it the most; the lower end of the market. “We price DataFort Deluxe starting at £75/month, which will securely backup approximately 25Gb of business data to our offsite locations, and £95/month to backup a 30Gb Exchange Server,” says business development director Marcie Terman. “Data restoration from offsite services is limited by the speed of the customer’s Internet connection. DataFort Deluxe is going to make it possible for the customer to restore their full data set in minutes as opposed to the hours or days it would take for Internet recovery or delivering a USB drive to the customer’s office,” adds Ms. Terman.

Ninety five percent of all data restoration is due to equipment damage or failure, both situations can now be served by restoring data from the local copies hosted on the DataFort appliances. For the 5% of the time where local recovery is not possible, such as in cases of theft or total disaster recovery, we have up-to-date copies of the data held in encrypted format at the data centre. That data can be downloaded via the Internet and will simultaneously be transferred to a replacement appliance and shipped to the client DR site.

The services are administered entirely remotely, a great improvement over administering tape backup systems. They are also extremely secure, powered by DataFort’s proprietary technology that includes 256-bit AES encryption, the same standard adopted for internal use by the US federal government for transmission of classified data.


DataFort provides dependable and secure data protection services that offer enterprise-level functionality with a focus on security and reliability. Its software and services are used by thousands of organisations worldwide, ranging from SMBs through to large enterprises and local government departments. Every hour of every day someone, somewhere backs up with DataFort. The company was founded in 2000, is headquartered in Guildford, UK and has offices in London and New York. For further information please visit or dial 0800 45 44 35.


Marcie Terman
T: +44 (0) 1483 872 052