December 3, 2021

DATAFORT Corp. Signs Deal With Wholesale ISP Aggregator Offers PCFort Backup Service to its ISPs

Release date: May 2005

New York - DataFort Corp., a provider of managed offsite data backup, has signed an ISP distributor agreement with, one of the largest wholesale ISP aggregators in the United States. The deal will be effective June 1st.

PCFort, sold and marketed by New York City-based DataFort Corp., is an offsite data backup service that provides SOHO businesses and consumers with access to the same level of automated, secure offsite backup technology used by large multinational corporations and financial institutions. PCFort is sold as a turnkey solution to ISPs, which can then offer the service to their small and medium sized office customers. PCFort’s end-to-end solution includes software, web-based customer management tools and comprehensive customer support., headquartered in Monroe, New York, will offer PCFort’s services to its subscribers under the name of IntelaVault (

“With PCFort, our partners can easily offer a high-quality, automated backup service to their customers at a reasonable price,” said Marcie Terman, chief operating officer of DataFort Corp. “PCFort is a great way to automatically back up important data stored on your computer, instead of relying on manual backup procedures via CDs or tapes.” customers will be able to download the user-friendly PCFort’s pre-configured software onto their computers and follow simple installation instructions. PCFort is preset to backup the ‘My Documents’ folder, but customers can refine their selections under the ‘setup’ menu. The user then selects a backup schedule or opts to initiate backups whenever connected to the Internet, as in the case of laptop users on the road.

About PCFort

PCFort is an easy, reliable offsite backup service for the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) market and concerned consumers. By creating a PCFort account on their desktop or laptop computer, customers, will have their data automatically backed up to a off-site high security data center. PCFort is a high security backup service benefiting from the same security protocols and features as those used by the premium DataFort Backup Service. All of the data centers used to contain the company’s servers adhere to the same strict protocols developed by DataFort’s Chief Technical Officer Gavin Smith. These features include 24x7 security and engineering personnel, recorded camera monitoring of all building and internal access points. Diesel powered generators, multiple bandwidth providers and multiple fire and smoke detection systems. DataFort is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit


The YourNetPlus.Com Network, one of the largest wholesale ISP aggregators in the U.S., is comprised of 30 backbones and eight networks, with the main hub of its network located in Phoenix, Arizona. The custom designed facility provides redundant optical fiber connections through Cox, Qwest, and ELI, in addition to multiple Internet back-bone providers, including UUNET, Qwest, Sprint, Sprint Canada, MegaPop, WorldNet, Aleron, and our own YNP and GBL Networks, making scaling of customers faster and much more affordable. is headquartered in Monroe, New York, with additional locations in Tucson, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; Dubuque, Iowa; and Tampa, Florida.


DataFort provides dependable secure off-site computer information storage with a focus on functionality and convenience for the end user. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Guildford, UK and New York, USA. It’s software and services are used by thousands of businesses worldwide - ranging from small SMEs and schools through to quoted companies and local government. Every hour of every day someone, somewhere backs up with DataFort.


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