December 3, 2021

DataFort Warns of 'Stable Door Syndrome' on Data Loss Insurance Policies

Leading Off-Site Back-Up Provider Wants To Stop The “DataHorse From Bolting”

Release date: June 2004

DataFort, the leading provider of managed off-site data backup, is warning companies against relying on insurance policies that pay out on the loss of business-critical data. The warning follows research from BT which suggests that as many as 29% of businesses with insurance policies are covered for compensation should the worst happen to their digital information.

“While many of these policies require claimants to have data back-up policies in place, the quality of these solutions differs widely,” explains Gavin Smith, Founder and CEO of DataFort. ”Physical storage is fallible, and while the safety-net of compensation is welcome there is a real danger of companies becoming complacent over their data back-up policies. Data loss should be prevented not compensated."

According to the BT report, more and more companies are taking up such insurance policies. However, it also reveals that 24% of companies have no data back-up system in place whatsoever, while a shocking 87% don’t back-up laptops.

“The research is a real Jekyll and Hyde affair,” adds Smith. “On one hand it shows a sizeable percentage of companies paying for insurance against data loss, while at the same time revealing worrying levels of ambivalence when it comes to installing back-up systems. There appears to be a great deal of confusion, at least among BT’s research sample, in how to go about assessing and implementing a robust, cost effective data back-up and storage solution.”

Smith cites recent threats to business data from solar flares and the proposed changes to the Civil Contingency Bill, as reasons why a preventative approach to data recovery is a must. “Had we taken a direct hit from the largest solar explosion there would have been considerable disruption to power grids. Similarly, new emergency legislation can bar you from your premises and confiscate equipment indefinitely; you just can’t plan for these situations.”

Smith is urging companies worried about their back-up strategy to take advantage of DataFort’s free ‘Backup Health Check’, which delivers an audit of current backup systems and offers advice on improving risk management.

Concludes Smith: “For many companies their data is critical to their business, and an insurance pay-out is of little use if there isn’t a company to continue trading. Solutions exist that can automate data back-up making it hassle free and extremely cost effective. The best form of insurance is to prevent a critical situation in the first place.”


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