December 3, 2021

Solar Flares Spell Danger for Data Safety


DataFort Warns Companies To Check Disaster Recovery Systems

Release date: October 2003

DataFort, a provider of effortless off-site data back-up solutions, is warning companies to check their disaster recovery strategies in readiness for the solar storms that are expected to cause worldwide electrical problems over the next two weeks. Severe disruption to electric power grids, satellites and mobile phone networks is anticipated as ten billion tons of super-hot gas pounds the earth’s atmosphere.

"Power surges and communication disruptions can spell disaster for data files on networks and individual machines,” says Marcie Terman, Business Development Director at DataFort. “We’re urging companies to check their backup and recoverysystems to make sure they’re fully covered should the worst happen.”

According to a report published by The London Chamber Of Commerce earlier this year, 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut within two years. A clear indication that data loss is much more than just an inconvenience.

“The profitability and very existence of companies is threatened if a disaster recovery strategy is ailing or absent,” adds Terman. “It may sound dramatic to talk about solar flares as a business threat, but any event or incident that can cause IT systems to crash needs to be taken seriously.”

DataFort is encouraging companies that are concerned about backup and recovery issues to get in contact by e-mail for advice and information ([email protected]). A 30-day trial account can be arranged of the DataFort 3 off-site backup solution by downloading and installing the software directly from the website.


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