December 3, 2021

Channel Push at DataFort

UK Disaster Recovery Specialist Expands Channel Strategy With Improved Reseller Programme And Unique ‘Profit Pool’

Release date: July 2003

DataFort, provider of effortless off-site data back-up, today announced a re-tooling of its channel strategy. The move, which will double the total number of channel partners, will see two categories of channel partner being created, adding greater flexibility and reach into the SME market place. It also introduces a brand- new reseller option allowing DataFort partners to pre-purchase storage space under a new self-billing system. This allows resellers to package data storage and recovery services into existing customer contracts without having to invoice clients separately.

‘Referring Agents’ and ‘Premier Dealers’ are the categorisations for DataFort’s new channel strategy. Referring agents, companies that can recommend DataFort’s services as part of an overall package [such as accountants, high-street computer vendors, business ISPs etc.] are being actively recruited with an ongoing commission rate of 15%.

Premier Dealers, consisting of IT services companies, help desk management companies and IT specialists with in-depth knowledge of the disaster recovery market will receive 20% ongoing commission, and will provide first line support for clients. To qualify as a Premier Dealer, resellers have to pass an examination which will be hosted on DataFort’s website.

Premier dealers, who can choose to opt for the pre-pay scheme, will benefit from DataFort’s unique ‘profit pool,’ a system whereby DataFort contributes 20% of all direct sales revenue into a central pot which is shared out between the Premier Dealers as an incentive, in proportion to the amount of storage space sold.

“Our channel partners fall into two distinct categories,” explains Marcie Terman Business Development Director at DataFort. “Companies that appreciate the benefits of data security in their vertical markets, making them ideally placed to refer similar companies, but without engineering skills. Then there are partners involved directly inIT outsourcing and support services that wish to migrate their customers onto a better method of backup, that they can manage remotely from the support company office.”

The pre-pay model provides further flexibility for IT-focused resellers who appreciate the benefits of the DataFort solution, but need a cost model outside of the monthly charge for archive space. Companies that fall into this category can now purchase space directly on the DataFort servers at a discounted rate. ’

Concludes Terman: “Where there is broadband there is opportunity. Critical data loss can put companies, especially SMEs, out of business. DataFort offers affordable, easy-to- use online solutions to back-up and recovery giving customers protection and peace of mind. This is a powerful sales proposition, one that our resellers can leverage to even greater effect with the new channel strategy.”


DataFort provides dependable secure off-site computer information storage with a focus on functionality and convenience for the end user. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Guildford, UK and New York, USA. It’s software and services are used by thousands of businesses worldwide - ranging from small SMEs and schools through to quoted companies and local government. Every hour of every day someone, somewhere backs up with DataFort.


Marcie Terman
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